My player received a red card , now what do I do?

  • Submit a match report on the D&A web page within 24 hours, including an additional email to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it explaining the circumstances surrounding the red card. Doing this in a timely manner will aid the committee in the event that a hearing is necessary.

When does the suspension take effect?

  • Immediately... Any match suspension will begin with the next game that you are scheduled to play, whether it is a regular scheduled match or a reschedule.

How do I know if a suspension requires a hearing?

  • Red Cards involving Violent Conduct, Foul and Abusive Language, or Fighting all require the player to appear before the committee to explain his actions. A yellow card followed by a straight red may also require a hearing, Contact the D&A chair for details.

Can a player continue to play until the hearing is held?

  • No!! According to our Bylaws, "All players receiving a red card are immediately suspended until a decision is made by the committee". If a hearing is mandated, the committee decision will not be made until that time.

What is the purpose of the hearing?

  • Typically the hearing is an evaluation of the severity of the incident that drew the red card and this allows us to assess the appropriate penalty. See D&A guidelines for a list of FIFA recommended penalties for the various infractions.

How is the suspension completed?

  • For the required # of games, the players name must appear on the game day roster with the word "suspended" next to his name so that the referee is aware of it. IMPORTANT: The D&A does not recognize a suspension unless this is done.

  • Upon completion of the suspension, send the players name and game # in an email to the D&A ( This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it ) to get the players name removed from the Active Suspensions List on the D&A home page.

How long can suspensions be?

  • C.A.S.L. uses standard FIFA guidelines for assessing our penalties D&A guidelines Depending on the severity of the sending off, most suspensions will range from 1 game to 1 year. In extreme cases, players can be banned permanently from our league.

  • In the case of referee abuse, suspensions are handled by the state office (GASA) and can include statewide suspensions from play.

Why do some players receive a probation period and how does it work?

  • Rather than enforce a maximum penalty, the committee may opt to reduce the suspension and instead add a probation period. This allows us to see if the incident was just a one off occurrence. Players that tend to have discipline problems will usually screw up again and at that point the remainder of the original penalty may be enforced.

  • If under probation, a player receives any red card and even  a serious yellow card (dissent and some USB), the D&A committee will reevaluate the decision and may enforce the original penalty plus any new penalty.

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