Invitation Codes

INVITATION CODES - All Players must have a Team Invitation code to register online. Invitation codes are team specific and distributed by team managers.

Registration problems?   Contact ADG / Affinity Sports directly  1- (800) 808-7195


Registration||Terms and Conditions

All players must sign a US Soccer liability waiver before they start play. Waivers are available on line at time of registration.

Annual Season Registration fees are the sole responsibility of the player. They are due in full at time of initial registration.

Player Insurance is guaranteed by USASA through your annual player registration. If you need to file an injury claim contact Georgia State Soccer (Jade) at (770) 452- 0505 or click here.

Annual Georgia State Player Registration Fees - All players must register with Georgia State Soccer (GSSA) starting August 1st. A fee of $25.00 will be included at initial registration. State Affiliation covers medical insurance as required by Cobb County Parks & Rec.

Annual Non Cobb Residents:
Cobb County Parks and Recreation require an additional $25.00 Annual fee for players residing outside of Cobb County. Current and accurate Zip Codes must be presented at time of registration.

  • The Georgia State Soccer Association (GSSA) Annual Soccer year runs from September 1st to August 31.

  • The CASL Annual Playing Season runs from September 1st to June 1st.

  • The Annual Playing Season is a Sunday 11v 11 format

  • for a Calendar of dates see News

  • For a description of playing levels see Programs


C.A.S.L. ON Line Payments

CASL requires all participants to register themselves online with a valid credit card.

Additionally all players are required to acknowledge the medical waiver before acceptance by the league.

ADG System generated receipts do not automatically place players on teams. Manager s must notify the league registrar to be accepted.

Outstanding balances, declined credit cards, league or state suspensions may delay the league acceptance.

C.A.S.L. Bounced Check Policy (Team Deposits & Team fees)

CASL does allow for Checks for (a) Team Deposits to declare placement (b) Team Forfeit Bonds (c) Special Events where a team fees is required. There is a minimum $30.00 dollar penalty for every check that bounces. The manager and/ or players will be put in under disciplinary action (Bad Standings) with CASL & Georgia State Soccer and will not be allowed to play until the outstanding money AND penalty fees have been paid to the league in cash.

Out of County Player Policy

Cobb County Parks and Recreation requires that any player that resides outside of the boundaries of Cobb County, but registers as a Cobb County player on any Cobb County sports team, must pay twenty five ($25.00) dollars per seasonal year (September 1st to August 31st) for field usage. This fee is in addition to CASL league fees AND Georgia State player fees. Fees must be submitted at time of registration and any change in address after initial registration is non refundable.

NON-Refundable Player Fees

It is important for a player to understand that once they have registered with CASL, full payment is due to the league. It is CASL policy to not refund a player after registration under any circumstance.

If a player has opted to use the multi payment plan the 2nd payment is the sole responsibility of the player when the 2nd payment becomes due. Failure to make the 2nd payment will place the player in bad standings and the player will be placed under disciplinary action (With CASL & GSSA) until the outstanding balance is made in full to the league.

If a player can no longer play with the team due to injury, CASL may credit the player their remaining league fees for the next playing season. To receive this credit the team manager must notified the league registrar and release the player from the active player’s roster. (Or) Once the player pass has been returned to the league, the credit will be based on a prorated fee on the date the player pass was released from their team’s active roster.

In the event of injury or other circumstances that force a player to with draw from a team, there are fees that are pass through fees that are non- refundable and non-creditable. The following fees are collected by CASL and immediately passed to:

Georgia State Soccer - $25 Individual Annual Fees Good from September 1st – August 31st

Cobb County Soccer Council - Field Usage Fees – fees are adjusted annually based on member participation

Cobb County Parks & Recreation, Out of County Resident Fees - $25 Individual Annual Fees Good from September 1st – August 31st


NON – Payment

It is important for a player to understand that once they have registered with CASL they are responsible for payment in full.

The player is responsible to provide valid credit card information at time of registration. Payment receipts automatically generated by ADG/Affinity are not valid player passes as credit card processing does not occur until the player is activated and accepted onto the team.

Players using the multi (2) payment plan are responsible for both payments. The player is responsible to maintain valid credit card information that can be processed at time of 2nd payment collection.

Players using the multi (2) payment plan - Failure to make the 2nd payment will place the player in bad standings and the player will be placed under disciplinary action (With CASL & GSSA) until the outstanding balance is made in full to the league.

Players are responsible for expired credit cards & a $5.00 collection fee will be added if the league must contact the player for accurate information.

Declined credit cards will result in the player being placed in suspension until payment in full has been collected. Players will show as suspended on the Official Team Roster.

If not resolved timely the player will be removed from the team roster by the league registrar.


It is your responsibility to monitor your team payment roster in the ADG/ Affinity system. The team payment function provides detailed information on each player and shows all players using the 2 payment plan.

Players (*Men's) may chose to use the Payment Schedule where:

  • Player may chose to pay in full or chose the two payment plan. If they chose the two payment plan and additional $2.00 will be added in the 2nd half for administrative fees.
  • 1st half fees of $111.00 due for individual players at time of initial registration. 2nd half fees of $66.00  will be auto debited on the *9th game of the scheduled season.

  • * Men's league payment configuration is set in August so the 9th game may change due to rain outs or reschedules but the auto debit date will remain as noted at the time of initial registration. For detailed information and the exact date of your 2nd half auto debit please review your individual registration / payment receipt through your player application. A copy of your player receipt would have been available /printable at time of initial registration.

  • CASL policy on injuries - Players that are injured can petition the league for a credit in the following season. Players must be placed in an inactive (released) status by their team manager to qualify for credit. Credit will not start until the player has been released from active play and will be prorated on the number of games left in the season.





    Men's Teams

    • Fees are $176.00 ($111 on the front and $66 on the 2nd half prorate) plus state (& non resident) per Annual season.
    • Mid way through the Annual Schedule (March) league fees will be prorated to $66.00
    • The Men's annual season is a 15 game schedule that starts in September and runs thru April.
    • All games are played in Cobb County.
    • All games are Sunday evenings at 5 & 7pm
    • 1 play off (16th ) game is included at the end of the season. 

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