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CASL/YMCA 2014 Summer World Cup Master Schedule

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Week 1

29-Jun 5:00pm 1A MOR
Argentinia vs. Belgium

29-Jun 6:30pm 1A M30/40
Brazil vs. Colombia

29-Jun 8:00pm 1A MOR
Vatican City vs. Croatia

29-Jun 5:00pm 1B MOR
England vs. Switzerland

29-Jun 6:30pm 1B M30/40
USA vs. Faroe Island

29-Jun 8:00pm 1B MOR
Austria vs. Italy

29-Jun 5:00pm 2 MOR
France vs. Cameroon

29-Jun 6:30pm 2 M30/40
Wales vs. Spain

29-Jun 5:00pm 3 MOR
Netherland vs. Uraguay

29-Jun 6:30pm 3 M30/40
Germany vs. Portugal

Week 2 12-Jul 5:30pm 3 M/30/40
Germany vs. Spain

12-Jul 7:00pm 1B M/30/40
Colombia vs. Faroe Island
13-Jul 7:00pm 1A MOR
England vs. Cameroon

13-Jul 6:30pm 1A M/30/40
Portugal vs. Wales

13-Jul 8:00pm 1A MOR
Belgium vs. Switzerland

13-Jul 6:30pm 1B MOR
Italy vs. Vatican City

13-Jul 8:00pm 1B MOR
France vs. Austria

13-Jul 5:00pm 2 M/30/40
Brazil vs. USA

13-Jul 6:30pm 2 MOR
Argentinia vs. Croatia

13-Jul 6:30pm 3 MOR
Uraguay vs. Netherlands
Week 3

20-Jul 5:00pm 1A MOR
Croatia vs. Belgium

20-Jul 6:30pm 1A M/30/40
Spain vs. Portugal

20-Jul 8:00pm 1A MOR
Netherlands vs. Italy

20-Jul 5:00pm 1B MOR
Argentinia vs. Uraguay

20-Jul 6:30pm 1B M/30/40
Faroe Island vs. Brazil

20-Jul 8:00pm 1B MOR
France vs. Vatican City

20-Jul 5:00pm 2 MOR
Austria vs. England

20-Jul 6:30pm 2 M/30/40
Germany vs. Wales

20-Jul 5:00pm 3 MOR
Cameroon vs. Switzerland

20-Jul 6:30pm 3 M/30/40
USA vs. Colombia
Week 4

27-Jul 5:00pm 1A M/30/40
Spain vs. USA
27-Jul 6:30pm 1A MOR
Belgium vs. Uraguay

27-Jul 8:00pm 1A MOR
Italy vs. Argentinia

27-Jul 5:00pm 1B M/30/40
Colombia vs. Portugal

27-Jul 6:30pm 1B MOR
France vs. Netherlands

27-Jul 8:00pm 1B MOR
Croatia vs. Switzerland

27-Jul 5:00pm 2 M/30/40
Faroe Island vs. Wales

27-Jul 6:30pm 2 MOR
England vs. Vatican City

27-Jul 5:00pm 3 M/30/40
Brazil vs. Germany
27-Jul 6:30pm 3 MOR
Cameroon vs. Austria
Week 5

3-Aug 5:00pm 1A MOR
Cameroon vs. Vatican City
3-Aug 6:30pm 1A M/30/40
Spain vs. Faroe Island

3-Aug 8:00pm 1A MOR
England vs. Netherlands

3-Aug 5:00pm 1B MOR
Argentinia vs. France

3-Aug 6:30pm 1B M/30/40
Wales vs. USA

3-Aug 8:00pm 1B MOR
Italy vs. Belgium

3-Aug 5:00pm 2 MOR
Croatia vs. Uraguay

3-Aug 6:30pm 2 M/30/40
Germany vs. Colombia

3-Aug 5:00pm 3 MOR
Austria vs. Switzerland
3-Aug 6:30pm 3 M/30/40
Portugal vs. Brazil
Week 6

10-Aug 5:00pm 1A M/30/40
Faroe Island vs. Portugal

10-Aug 6:30pm 1A MOR
Argentinia vs. England

10-Aug 8:00pm 1A MOR
Uraguay vs. Switzerland

10-Aug 5:00pm 1B M/30/40
Brazil vs. Spain
10-Aug 6:30pm 1B MOR
Netherlands vs. Cameroon

10-Aug 8:00pm 1B MOR
Croatia vs. Italy

10-Aug 5:00pm 2 M/30/40
USA vs. Germany
10-Aug 6:30pm 2 MOR
France vs. Belgium

10-Aug 5:00pm 3 M/30/40
Colombia vs. Wales

10-Aug 6:30pm 3 MOR
Vatican City vs. Austria
Week 7

17-Aug 5:00pm 1A MOR
Croatia vs. France
17-Aug 6:30pm 1A M/30/40
Spain vs. Colombia
17-Aug 8:00pm 1A MOR
Netherlands vs. Austria

17-Aug 5:00pm 1B MOR
Argentinia vs. Cameroon

17-Aug 6:30pm 1B M/30/40
Portugal vs. USA

17-Aug 8:00pm 1B MOR
Uraguay vs. Italy

17-Aug 5:00pm 2 MOR
England vs. Belgium

17-Aug 6:30pm 2 M/30/40
Wales vs. Brazil

17-Aug 5:00pm 3 MOR
Switzerland vs. Vatican City

17-Aug 6:30pm 3 M/30/40
Germany vs. Faroe Island
Week 8

24-Aug 5:00pm 1A M/30/40
Colombia vs. Brazil

24-Aug 6:30pm 1A MOR
France vs. Uraguay

24-Aug 8:00pm 1A MOR
Belguim vs. Cameroon

24-Aug 5:00pm 1B M/30/40
Faroe Island vs. USA

24-Aug 6:30pm 1B MOR
France vs. Uraguay

24-Aug 8:00pm 1B MOR
Netherlands vs. Vatican City
24-Aug 5:00pm 2 M/30/40
Spain vs. Wales

24-Aug 6:30pm 2 MOR
Croatia vs. England

24-Aug 5:00pm 3 M/30/40
Portugal vs. Germany

24-Aug 6:30pm 3 MOR
Austria vs. Argentinia

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