Managers & Team Administrators
Don't forget:

  • to print one (1) official ADG Team/Player Roster - we recommend that you print on Saturday morning as club players will not be added until after 12 noon deadline on Friday
  • to print two (2) official ADG game day match reports  - one for the referee to keep and one for your records
  • Every player must present a current photo ID before stepping on the field. ID's may be a drivers license /passport / student ID
  • Temporary player pass with a current photo ID (if applicable). A temporary player pass may be issued by the league for a one game only period. The temporary pass may be issued due to 1) Try out 2) Club/ Guest player 3) Registration issue that can not be resolved before the game start
  • IMPORTANT - Always carry your copy of the Cobb County field contracts!

League wide Modification:

1. Unlimited substitution- players may freely sub in and out during the game
2. Expanded team/player roster. Teams have and may play more than the FIFA 18 player roster. Teams with more than 18 players must hand write the players names on the Official ADG / Affinity Game DayMatch Report Teams must summit two copies to the officials no less then 15 minutes prior to scheduled game kick off.
3. Official team/ players rosters: Teams must present an official ADG/Affinity Team/ Player roster dated (time stamped) no more then 48 hours before their scheduled match.  This modification covers the "greater than" 18 players in modification 2.
4. Players must check in individually with the officials before stepping on the field. Acceptable forms of photo ID are drivers license, student ID or GSSA water marked, photo embedded player passes
5. Uniforms: primary jerseys must be uniquely numbered and of the same like color. Alternates need not be numbered but need to be of the same like color.
6. Recreation divisions: recreational divisions are defined by:
A. No Slide Tackle. Players may slide to keep the ball in but may Not physically contact another player.
B. No Goal Keeper Contact. Players may not charge, slide or tackle the goalkeeper.
C. Fouls for Slide Tackles & Goal keeper contact will result in a direct free kick.
7. Age specific divisions. Players playing in an age specific division must be of the minimum age by August 31. Players have be challenged at any time during the game and photo ID must be presented or the player must leave the field and the referee note the incident on their USSF supplemental report to the league.
8. Games start & minimum players.
A. Games must start when both teams have a minimum of seven players.
B. Teams have a 15 minute grace period to field seven.
C. If at the 16th minute one team does not have seven players dressed and on the field, the officials need to call the team managers to the center of the field. The team manager that has greater then seven players may then choose one of two options:
A. The manager may take a forfeit and the game is officially called after the official blows his whistle to end the game.
B. The manager may agree to extend the grace period to 30 minutes. Both teams must then agree to  two equal shortened (30 minutes) halves. The managers must sign off on the game day match stating that so that no protest may be filed.
9. Ball Size and game length:
A. All divisions will play with a size 5 soccer ball.
B. Game lengths are two equal 45 minute halves.
C. In the event of weather or other extenuating circumstances (I.e. Lights, lightning, etc) a game called after the 20th minute of the second half (66th minutes), then the game will be deemed played in full.
10. Referee playing system: CASL does Not recognize a dual referee system as it invalidates the USASA player accident insurance.
A. In the event that one official does not make the game then each team must provide a club lines person for one half of the game. If no spectator or player is available, then it is the responsibility of the team managers to run the lines.
B. In the event that two officials do not make the game then each team must provide a club lines person for the duration of the game. If no spectator or player is available, then it is the responsibility of the team managers to run the lines.
C. In the event that the Center official does not make the game and neither assistant is willing or qualified to run a center then the game will be called at the field and the league will reschedule.

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