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Congratulations & Welcome to the 2015 YMCA CASL League Champions Tournament.

Below you will find the league policy ( Rules of Play) for the event. Make sure you read that thoroughly and that you and your players are familiar.

Tournament Policy: League Champions Tournament


1) This is an elimination Tournament

a) No game will end in a tie - If a game is tied at end of regulation then there will be up to..

1) 2 ten minute over time periods with golden goals, if still tied at the end of second over time..

2) Penalty kicks from the mark


b) if you win you will continue to advance to until a League Champion has been declared

c) if you lose you are out of the schedule

1) There may be a need for a wild card team in the schedule

a) If Wild card teams are needed then a play in game will be scheduled prior to Round 1

b) Wild Card games will follow tournament rules with No Tie - 2 over time - penalties to determine a winner

c) Wild Card teams will be seeded according to tournament Committee pairings

2) NO Protest of games will be allowed

3) Decisions of the Board Of Directors are Final

4) If a game is stopped after the 20th minute of the second half, the match will stand as complete.

a) If a game is called with less then the required time the remaining time will be rescheduled before the next round.

b) If a game can not be rescheduled prior to the next round then the teams will proceed directly to penalty shots


5) Tournament Rosters are frozen at 1st tournament game.

a) Teams may only play their primary players and a player that is Multi Roistered for their team

b) Multi Roistered players must declare their two teams prior to tournament start so their roster is frozen at 1st game. No player may multi roster for more than two teams.

c) Club players are tried to their primary teams and no club movement is allowed after 1st game

d) Players whose teams have been eliminated are eliminated from the remainder of the tournament. (see multi roster)

e) Red Cards do count. If your player receives a red card they are suspended from the match where they received the card AND the following match.

6) Tournament Schedules & Results will be updated (weekly) by Thursdays:

a) game scores from Sunday games need to be submitted by Monday mornings to the league scorekeeper

b) game scores from weeknight or Saturday games MUST be submitted immediately (2 hours) after the game to the league

c) teams with higher points will be listed as home and with field / time\preferences

7) Tournament Champions awards will be determined at the Team Managers Meeting.

8) Forfeits or Conceded Games.

a) All Teams must be checked in 15 minutes prior to scheduled kick off with proper Game Cards, Official Rosters. NO DOCUMENTS - NO GAME

b) All players must be listed on the official Team Roster and checked in with a current photo ID prior to stepping on the field. NO ID - NO Game

c) All games will start at scheduled Kick off.

d) The Clock will start at scheduled kick off, A team has 15 minutes to have seven


9) Team misconduct

a) Teams are responsible for their players, Team Manager, Coaches, Trainers AND SPECTATORS

b) Teams ejected for fighting will not be allowed to continue in the tournament.

c) Teams/players ejected for referee abuse or assault will not be allowed to continue in the tournament. This includes speculators who must identify themselves if asked

d) Teams ejected for alcohol, tobacco or firearms will not be allowed to continue in the tournament.

e) Any spectator/s entering the field of play will be ejected from the park, If they do not leave the park the game will be terminated and awarded to the opposing team

2015 Summer Season - Registration will open May 1st

Summer 7v7 Outdoor
$500.00 per team – 7 Weeks & one pre-season
East Cobb Fields – Sundays starting June 14th – off for 4th of July Weekend. Game times 4/5:30/7pm - Teams will be divided based on entries

Summer 5v5 Indoor with walls

$350.00 per team – 7 Weeks & one pre-season scrimmage

East Cobb YMCA – Thursdays starting June 16th – off for 4th of July Weekend. Game times 7/8/9pm - Teams will be divided based on entries



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